Privacy Policy

Newbie Website Design understands that privacy is very important. That’s why great care is taken in protecting visitor’s information. Below is a description of Newbie Website Design’s Privacy Policy. From time to time this policy may be updated. All updates will be posted here.

Collected Data:

Each time a visitor comes to Newbie Website Design some information is collected about them. This information is only the standard tracking data that almost all websites collect. The data sent to Newbie Website Design servers is only basic information such as time of visit, referring site, and general area of the visitor.

The information collected is used for internal review to improve the content of the web site and is then completely discarded. Newbie Website Design never collects the e-mail addresses, physical addresses, or phone numbers of its visitors.


Cookies are small files containing a string of characters that are sent to a visitor’s computer to identify him or her as a unique user. Cookies may collect information such as your domain type, your IP address and clickstream information.

Clicking on the links to visit other sites will place one of these harmless cookies in your browser. This cookies helps to let these other sites know that you came from Newbie Website Design.