Make My Logo BIGGER Cream!

Is a bigger logo better?Sometimes the best way to learn about design is to see what not to do. And an even better way is to do so through the use of a little tongue-in-cheek comedy. The website “Make My Logo BIGGER Cream” does just that with a short video that spoofs silly TV ads.

As you watch the video, you’ll easily see the what not to do parts. If you’re not quite sure which is which, here’s a hint: the ‘before’ versions of the designs are better than the ‘after’ versions.

View the video here: Make My Logo BIGGER Cream!

What can we learn about design from this video?

Bigger isn’t better

Your company logo isn’t as important as the message your design is trying to tell. This is especially true for little-known companies. Of course, if you’re Nike (the “swoosh”), MacDonald’s (the “golden arches”), or Apple (an “apple”), then your logo already speaks volumes.

White space is good

White space is the empty space in a design. Proper placement of white space can make a design look cleaner, make it easier to read, and even force the reader’s eyes exactly where you want them to go.

Large “sparkles” can annoy

The only thing that large, obnoxious “sparkles” do to a design is create a dated image. Yes, long ago these were used almost everywhere. But nowadays they actually lessen the image of your company or your product (unless that’s what you’re shooting for.)

Neon – OUCH!

Do I really need to say anything about the awful neon colors? No? Good.

Too many images spoils the design

Maybe you’ve seen it, I know I have: print ads or websites that use too many over-sized images. The most effective designs only have one large or medium-sized image. Any other images or graphics are much smaller and kept to a minimum. (The website I discussed in the Boxes – the building blocks of websites is a good example of how to use images.)

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2 Responses:

  1. Karen

    Yeah, but what about your logo? It’s big!

  2. David R - Admin


    That’s a great question! So let me explain…

    Some company logos (like the one used in the video) are very non-descriptive and vague. A person seeing such a logo would have no idea what products or services that company provides.

    The “Newbie Website Design” logo is not only this blog’s logo, but also acts just like a headline — telling the visitor exactly what this blog is about.

    If this blog’s name was something like “Plaid Turtle Designs” or something equally odd, then I would make its logo small and have a larger, descriptive text headline.


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