Create a strong, secure password

Create a secure passwordYou can’t survive the online world without secure passwords. Extremely nasty people (whose own mothers wouldn’t even love) have the desire and the means to crack your passwords. Once cracked, any personal information hidden behind those particular passwords is wide open. And you know that those nasty people only have nasty intentions on their minds.

That’s why it is VERY IMPORTANT to create very hard-to-crack, strong, and secure passwords.

But how does one go about creating such a password?
Let’s find out how…

Password creation no-nos

I’ve seen many websites say that it’s important to create an easy-to-remember password. Unfortunately, easy-to-remember passwords are also easy-to-crack passwords. So avoid using the following:

  • Names of people or anything else that actually looks like a word
  • Special dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

Correct password creation

The best passwords are a MINIMUM of 8 characters in length (10 – 15 is the best) and contain the following:

  • Upper-case, lower-case, and numbers mixed together
  • Special characters such as: &%'()*+

Step 1:
Think of a sentence.
For example: “My red dog has purple fleas”

Step 2:
Randomly add upper-case letters.
For example: “MY reD dOG has PURple fleaS”

Step 3:
Put some numbers into the spaces.
For example: “MY2reD4dOGhas6PURple5fleaS”

Step 4:
Remove some of the letters (Make sure that no whole word remains.)
For example: “Y2rD4G6PU5eS”

Step 5:
Add a few special characters.
For example: “Y2rD4&G6P+U5e%S”
(Note: Some websites won’t allow special characters in passwords.)

Step 6:
Go to and type in your newly created password. Password Meter will show you how strong your password is and, if it’s not very strong, where improvements can be made. (Ignore the stuff on the right side of the web page. Just look at the icons on the left to see where the weak points are.)

Step 7:
Keep a notebook in a safe place where you can store all of your passwords.

The Internet can be a fun, exciting, and convenient place where almost anything is possible. Just make sure to protect yourself correctly and your World Wide Web adventure will be truly amazing!

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